Charged With Assault After a Bar Fight

Every college student should understand their rights. Here’s some important information about being charged with arrested after a bar fight.


What should I do if I’m arrested for assault after a bar fight as a college student?


Charged With Assault After a Bar Fight College students that get into bar fights are not treated any differently than anybody else who gets into a bar fight. If you were at a place, and you’re a college student and got into a fight with somebody, regardless of what the reason is – maybe they were hitting on your girlfriend or they were insulting you– if you have a charge now, it’s most likely an assault third or something along those lines. That’s a serious misdemeanor. You should not try to go into court alone, even though you are in college. There are reasons people hire attorneys; it’s because we know the law and, chances are, we know the prosecutor and the judge— at least I probably do. Give me a call if this is something that you’re having to deal with, because you don’t want to deal with it by yourself.

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