Campus Police

If you attend college you may be unfortunate to have some run-ins with Campus Police. Check out this video to learn how you should work with them.


How should I deal with campus police?


On college campuses, there are generally police officers, and those police officers have the same authorities that regular city, town, municipal cops and state police have. In fact, in some cases, they have more authority because they are campus police. They have at least as much authority as a regular police officer, and sometimes they have more authority because they are a campus police officer. When you’re on campus, that is property that is owned by that school or university, and the campus police have more power to stop you.Campus Police

I’ve had college students that were doing nothing but walking across the campus late at night, when the cop decided to say, “Let me look in your book bag.” The kid gave it to him and ended up getting charged with marijuana possession or possession of alcohol. My understanding is that you can’t say no to them because you’re not on your own private property at home. If you’re at home at your parents’ house and you get out of your car in the driveway with your backpack, a cop cannot just walk up to you and say, “Hey, son, let me see your backpack.” On college campuses, they can.

The other thing that the colleges do very effectively is use the people that are paid by the college to live in a dorm and basically kind of be in charge. Campus police have actually more authority than regular police. If you’re in trouble at any college in Connecticut, whether it’s the campus police or some other police department, call me and I can certainly help you through this.

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