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CT May Pass Tougher Penalties For Driving While Phoning

A law banning the use of traditional cell phones while driving was enacted in 2005. Legislators are now considering increasing the penalties for a violation of this law—a law they say currently lacks “teeth” or any significant reason for people to adhere to it. The state Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing this week […]

East Hartford Neighborhood Upset Over Reckless Driver

One East Hartford man who has received 17 tickets in the past four years is causing a headache for some neighbors. He likes to work on cars and he likes to race, but neighbors are worried something tragic will have to happen before the man is taken off the road. According to this Courant article, […]

Potential Charges for Cop Involved in Fatal Crash

Last month two young people died when the vehicle they were in was involved in an accident with a police cruiser. The investigation into that accident is now being treated as a negligent homicide, according to this article from the Connecticut Post. Officer Jason Anderson from the Milford, CT Police Department was leaving a “mutual-aid […]

Infamous CT Hit and Run Still Unsolved

Last year footage of a hit and run made its way across the country and over the Internet. This Hartford case involved an elderly man crossing the street and being mercilessly struck by a vehicle and left for dead. The grainy video made its rounds but hasn’t been able to assist police in solving the […]