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Will CT Lawmakers Make Things Easier for Ex-Cons?

When you serve your time, you pay your debt to society, and you are released from prison, shouldn’t you have a fair shot at rebuilding your life? Many would say yes—that getting a job and having housing is crucial in making ex-convicts responsible contributors in modern society. Others, however, see any hint at assistance for […]

Unsentenced Inmates On the Rise, as Other Incarceration Numbers Drop

Two state penal institutions have been closed in recent months; 21 correction supervisors have lost their jobs; and another institution will be shutting its doors soon. While all of these facts signal a smaller prison population statewide, the number of unsentenced inmates is climbing. According to the CT Mirror, the number of inmates still facing […]

Exonerated Seek Compensation from State

Two men are seeking monetary compensation from the state of Connecticut for the years they spent behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit. The claims filed with the claims commissioner will, in a sense, test the new Connecticut compensation for wrongful incarceration law that was passed just a few years ago. The process will also […]