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Bridgeport Man Charged With Theft of Electricity

It is commonplace in some neighborhoods and communities for residents to steal cable and other utilities. While some may realize just how serious of an offense this is, others don’t. Case in point: A Cuban immigrant was arrested and charged last week with 3rd degree larceny for stealing electricity in his Bridgeport home. According to […]

Serial Connecticut Bank Robber Caught in Hartford

Within the past few weeks, the nation watched grainy surveillance video as a brazen woman walked into 6 banks and demanded money. She never disguised her face nor made any attempt to conceal her identity. Now, Heather Brown is in custody. Brown, a 34 year old Connecticut resident, has a history of drug abuse and […]

Fraud Charges for Milford Man

A Milford CT man is facing serious charges of fraud after he and an accomplice swindled $100,000 in donations from a local woman according to this article from the Connecticut Post. Michael Kahn is facing charges first degree larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, violating the state opportunities investment act, and charges of sale of unregistered […]