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Cop Fired, Bar Closed in Windsor Locks Case

A police officer facing charges for manslaughter in the DUI death of a young bicyclist was fired by the Windsor Locks police department last week. A commission voted on Dec. 9 to fire the officer at the center of a State Police investigation according to the Associated Press. The twenty four year old officer was […]

Judge Gets Award From DUI Advocacy Group

A Connecticut judge was awarded a National President’s Award from MADD for her use of victims impact panels and educating other judges about drunk driving sentencing options. But is it a good thing for justice if a judge is receiving awards from victim’s rights lobbying groups? Does this indicate a clear bias against defendants in […]

East Hartford Neighborhood Upset Over Reckless Driver

One East Hartford man who has received 17 tickets in the past four years is causing a headache for some neighbors. He likes to work on cars and he likes to race, but neighbors are worried something tragic will have to happen before the man is taken off the road. According to this Courant article, […]

In Connecticut and Nationwide, Female Drunk Drivers on the Rise

In an interesting story from the Hartford Courant this week, it is revealed that women aren’t only gaining ground in the workplace and other areas of society, but also when it comes to DUI arrests. According to the report, the reasons for this are many. The percentage of women in drunk driving arrests was 17.4 […]

Plea Deal Reached in Connecticut Drunk Driving, Hit & Run Case

Way back in January of this year, 17 year old Jessica Lee was hit while crossing the street at Boston and Central Avenues in Bridgeport. She was thrown onto the windshield of the vehicle and landed “several feet away” according to the Connecticut Post. Following the accident, 38 year old Darren McDermott of Milford turned […]

68-Year CT Old Woman Sentenced in DUI Crash

In Bridgeport, 68-year old Barbara Preston was recently sentenced to serve 8 years of a 15 year sentence behind bars according to this article from the Connecticut Post. The harsh sentence was courtesy of Ms. Preston’s multiple offenses and the injuries sustained in the accident. Last year Preston rear ended 47-year old Lee Everett as […]

UConn Spring Weekend Brings Several Arrests

Every year the students at the University of Connecticut take a break and get their party on. Spring weekend allows the kids to cut loose before cramming begins for final exams. During this time, parties are plentiful and so is law enforcement presence. This year, like every year before, campus police join forces with State […]

Connecticut Superior Court Judge Suspended for DUI Tirade

Connecticut Superior Court Judge E. Curtissa R. Cofield was suspended from the bench for 8 months during her hearing before the Judicial Review Council on Monday. Back in October Cofield was arrested for driving under the influence and taken to Glastonbury police headquarters. Here is where she acted out of character, according to her supporters, […]

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Editorial on Drinking Age Reform

Interesting view on the efforts to pull back the drinking age from 21 to 18 that has been spearheaded by College presidents nationwide and in Connecticut. Known at the Amethyst Initiative, the goal is to treat drinking among young people as a behavioral issue, and not a criminal one. The reason college presidents are leading […]