How Do I Fight A Drug Charge? Three Connecticut Defense Tactics

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs

You have been charged with possession, cultivation, or distribution of drugs in Connecticut and suddenly your career and entire future are put on the line. You are facing the risk of spending years in jail and being forced to pay… Read More

State Drug Law Biased, Say Critics

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs

As with many criminal laws, lawmakers’ heart were likely in the right place when they decided to increase criminal penalties in areas that children frequent. But the law has had unintended effects, serving to exacerbate racial disparities in the Connecticut… Read More

Are Bridgeport Police Brutal or Just “Bad Apples”?

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs, Police

Several recent incidents of police brutality in Bridgeport has many community leaders up in arms, asking for something major to be done. But Police Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr. and Mayor Bill Finch say it’s nothing more than a few “bad… Read More

Will CT Lawmakers Make Things Easier for Ex-Cons?

by Field Law Office, LLC |Conviction, Drugs, Prison

When you serve your time, you pay your debt to society, and you are released from prison, shouldn’t you have a fair shot at rebuilding your life? Many would say yes—that getting a job and having housing is crucial in… Read More

“Operation Slim Fast” Results in Bridgeport Cocaine Busts

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs, Police

The Bridgeport Safe Streets Task Force made 19 arrests in their investigation “Operation Slim Fast,” according to the Connecticut Post. The investigation lasted seven months and resulted in numerous drug and weapons charges, specifically targeting the Marina Village public housing… Read More

New Haven Cops Raid Apartment, Leave Resident Bloodied

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs, Police

Fifty-four year old Tomas Torres was cooking and watching television last Wednesday afternoon when the police stormed in unexpectedly. Torres says he was punched and stomped while police laughed about his blood spatters staining the pants of one of the… Read More

Will Connecticut Decriminalize Marijuana?

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs, Marijuana

If the Governor gets his way, Connecticut will become the next state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, leading them to be punishable by a fine rather than criminal charges. Though it seems like a no-brainer, particularly since… Read More

Norwalk Man Arrested in Illegal Mushroom Operation

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs

In an unusual story out of Norwalk, a 25 year old man is facing charges for a home growing operation of psychedelic mushrooms. While the popularity of hallucinogenic mushrooms has come and gone over the years, Police Captain Richard Conklin… Read More

Hamden Gamer Charged With Threats Via Xbox

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges, Drugs, Firearms, Harassment, Weapons

A Hamden man is facing multiple charges after taking to his Xbox LIVE profile to posts threatening messages. The 23 year old man was free on bond at the time the comments were posted and directed at a former friend…. Read More

Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Decriminalization of Marijuana

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs, Marijuana

In a trend that I am seeing nationwide, lawmakers in Connecticut this week heard testimony on a bill that would decriminalize a small amount of personal marijuana. Senate Bill 349 would bring the state up to speed with several others… Read More

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