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Connecticut Persistent Offender Laws

Connecticut Persistent Offender Laws

Also known as “three strikes law,” Connecticut has enhanced punishments for people convicted of three of the same or similar offenses. In most states that recognize this doctrine which goes back to the 1990’s, the meaning has more to do with repeating serious violent felonies and required lengthy sentences that go along with those felonies. In Connecticut, […]

Exonerated Seek Compensation from State

Two men are seeking monetary compensation from the state of Connecticut for the years they spent behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit. The claims filed with the claims commissioner will, in a sense, test the new Connecticut compensation for wrongful incarceration law that was passed just a few years ago. The process will also […]

Will Connecticut Be Next To End Death Penalty?

A few weeks ago the Judiciary Committee voted to repeal the death penalty. It wasn’t the first time the committed passed such a bill along, but last time it was vetoed by the governor. Now, reports are stating there’s a chance Connecticut could be the next to end application of the most severe form of […]

Monitoring Connecticut Criminals – Flaws in the System

The process of monitoring convicted criminals released on parole in Connecticut has serious limitations and flaws. The monitoring by Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking costs Connecticut taxpayers nearly a million dollars a year for the technology systems and monitoring of 250 people. And that doesn’t include the expenses accrued for personnel to track town false […]

Connecticut Working to Enhance Penalties for Violent Crimes

The Connecticut State Senate has been working on enhancements and new laws to toughen penalties for violent crimes, as well as provide additional funding for law enforcement activities. Under the propose legislation, multiple offense violent crime maximum penalties would automatically double for second offense convictions, and triple for third offense convictions. A controversial proposed “three […]

Proposed Three Strikes Laws in CT

There are three separate proposed laws in the Connecticut legislature that would enact a “so-called” three strikes law. The bills, working their way through the Connecticut lawmaking progress, would require a person convicted of 3 separate violent felonies to be sentenced to life in prison. It would make Connecticut’s criminal laws among the toughest and […]

Proposed reforms to Connecticut Criminal Justice procedures

Connecticut lawmakers, and Governor Jodi Rell have proposed changes to how criminal justice is administered in the state. Among the reforms proposed are: Improved Criminal Lineup and Identification Procedures. Witnesses should be provided with improved lineup arrays, where the officers administering the lineup do not know who is the real accused defendant. This technique has […]