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Connecticut Persistent Offender Laws

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges, Criminal Law

Also known as “three strikes law,” Connecticut has enhanced punishments for people convicted of three of the same or similar offenses. In most states that recognize this doctrine which goes back to the 1990’s, the meaning has more to do with repeating… Read More

Helping People Accused of Crimes in Connecticut

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges

Career Professionals If you are like many of my clients, you have a good job, own a home, and possibly have a family. I will listen to your concern involving your job and family and assist you with positive strategies… Read More

Connecticut Gun Charge: 3 Reasons to Avoid Self-Representation

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges, Firearms

Have you been accused of a gun charge in Hartford or another city in Connecticut? If so, you may be facing significant jail time and hefty fines. Being convicted of a crime is simply not an option for you. If… Read More

CT Lawmakers Consider Gun-Offender Registry

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges

In a move that would mark the first of its kind, Connecticut lawmakers are weighing the creation of a gun-offender registry. The statewide registry would be similar to a sex offender registry but its data would only be available to… Read More

CT Woman Arrested On Prescription Drug Charges

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges

Having worked in several doctor’s offices over the past four years allegedly allowed one woman to collect prescription pads and the ability to supply friends and family members with pills for their drug habits. A 37 year old Bridgeport woman… Read More

CT Gun Rights Advocates Eye Challenges Post Supreme Court Decision

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges, Weapons

The United States Supreme Court ruled last week that the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms in the Constitution trumped local and state laws banning guns. Although the case originated out of Chicago, where there is a hand gun ban,… Read More

Bridgeport Prescription Drug Ring Busted

by Field Law Office, LLC |Drugs

Four Connecticut men are facing federal charges in New York this week after supposedly trafficking millions of dollars in prescription drugs into the Bridgeport area. Prescription drug abuse continues to grow across the country as I see cases just like… Read More

Connecticut Marriage Goes from Arson and Kidnapping to a Question of Bail

by Field Law Office, LLC |Arson, Criminal, Criminal Charges, Kidnapping

In a story that made headlines last summer, an seemingly angry ex husband allegedly burned down two homes and kidnapped and held his ex wife while holding police in a standoff. Now, the same couple is back in the Hartford… Read More

Hamden Gamer Charged With Threats Via Xbox

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges, Drugs, Firearms, Harassment, Weapons

A Hamden man is facing multiple charges after taking to his Xbox LIVE profile to posts threatening messages. The 23 year old man was free on bond at the time the comments were posted and directed at a former friend…. Read More

Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Stun Gun Law

by Field Law Office, LLC |Criminal Charges, Drugs, Weapons

The Connecticut state legislature is considering making it legal for the people of the state to carry stun guns for personal protection. The Taser company, located in Scottsdale Arizona, estimates 200,000 Americans already carry the devices; this law would make… Read More

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