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Farmington CT Police Looking for Diamond Thief

Typically when you think of “shoplifting”, you think of some kids stealing snacks or, at the worst, some boosting of clothing and merchandise at the mall. The Courant recently published a story, however, revealing the surveillance photo of a man accused of “shoplifting” $36,000 in diamonds. The story isn’t specific about how the theft went […]

Serial Connecticut Bank Robber Caught in Hartford

Within the past few weeks, the nation watched grainy surveillance video as a brazen woman walked into 6 banks and demanded money. She never disguised her face nor made any attempt to conceal her identity. Now, Heather Brown is in custody. Brown, a 34 year old Connecticut resident, has a history of drug abuse and […]

No Age Limit on Connecticut Theft Charges

Don’t expect the Connecticut legal system to have pity on your because of your age or ability. Sixty-year old career burglar Okasana Lysenko is again in front of the judge for new charges. Lysenko has 40 convictions on her record, according to the Hartford Courant. She has been in and out of the Connecticut prison […]