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Woman Claims She Was Arrested for Recording New Haven Cops

Last year the people of Connecticut were reassured that the police couldn’t arrest them for videotaping police action unless that recording interfered with the police work in some capacity. Try telling that to 35-year old Jennifer Gondola, who was arrested in New Haven last week after refusing to hand over her cell phone. According to […]

More on Connecticut’s Public Criminal Records

The competition to sell your personal information such as public records of your criminal history continues to heat up. As I noted before, Ct is one of the few states that currently has a free state sponsored criminal record search. Now, there are even private companies widely advertising on google and gmail for their services, […]

All Connecticut Criminal Convictions Online for Public Search!

All criminal and traffic convictions in Connecticut are now posted online for free and easy access. Criminal records have always been public records, but in the past it’s been something of a bureaucratic challenge for most people to dig them up. But know I am entering an era where this kind of information is quickly […]