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Proposed Law Would Cement Your Right to Record CT Police

Most of us have a recording device on us at all times. With the prevalence of smart phones, we all have the potential to record some pretty damning (or vindicating) footage. And though we’ve come a long way since the grainy, VHS recording of Rodney King in 1991, police departments across the country are having […]

Are Bridgeport Police Brutal or Just “Bad Apples”?

Several recent incidents of police brutality in Bridgeport has many community leaders up in arms, asking for something major to be done. But Police Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr. and Mayor Bill Finch say it’s nothing more than a few “bad apples” and that those situations are no cause for alarm. Perhaps the most well-known incident […]

East Haven Police to Adjust to Changes in DOJ Decree

The East Haven Police Department has been at the center of a long-running controversy, or controversies. They have been accused, among other things, of racial profiling and civil rights abuses. As a result of the federal Department of Justice investigation, the town can expect to (hopefully) see some changes with how things are done. Just […]

“Operation Slim Fast” Results in Bridgeport Cocaine Busts

The Bridgeport Safe Streets Task Force made 19 arrests in their investigation “Operation Slim Fast,” according to the Connecticut Post. The investigation lasted seven months and resulted in numerous drug and weapons charges, specifically targeting the Marina Village public housing area. A group of cocaine dealers were said to have been trafficking drugs from Puerto […]

Woman Claims She Was Arrested for Recording New Haven Cops

Last year the people of Connecticut were reassured that the police couldn’t arrest them for videotaping police action unless that recording interfered with the police work in some capacity. Try telling that to 35-year old Jennifer Gondola, who was arrested in New Haven last week after refusing to hand over her cell phone. According to […]

Connecticut Lawmakers Address Videotaping of Police

Connecticut Senators passed a measure last week that would clarify both to law enforcement and citizens, the right to videotape cops when acting in their official duties. In addition, lawmakers passed another bill that serves to strengthen racial profiling prevention methods already in place. According to the Hartford Courant, the bill makes it clear that […]

East Haven Police Chief Steps Down Amid Racial Profiling Scandal

The town of East Haven has been at the center of national headlines concerning race relations and law enforcement for some time now. The chief in the center of this scandal announced his resignation early this week after an insensitive statement he uttered brought even more negative attention his way. But, despite his willingness to […]

New Haven Cops Raid Apartment, Leave Resident Bloodied

Fifty-four year old Tomas Torres was cooking and watching television last Wednesday afternoon when the police stormed in unexpectedly. Torres says he was punched and stomped while police laughed about his blood spatters staining the pants of one of the officers. The cops say they were looking for a drug dealer, but no drugs were […]

East Haven Police “Profoundly Broken” Say Feds

After a two-year investigation into the East Haven Police Department, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division is saying the department is “broken” and will take years to fix. They are accused of violating the civil rights of Latinos within the community and as many as 15 officers could face criminal charges. Investigators for the […]

Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Protect People’s Right To Tape Police

It’s been an issue that’s made the news across the country in recent years as more and more people walk around with video-recording equipped telephones. The issue is the people’s right to record police officers when acting in their official capacity. Many people have been arrested and some have been charged criminally for doing just […]