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Connecticut Gun Charge: 3 Reasons to Avoid Self-Representation

Connecticut Gun Charge 3 Reasons to Avoid Self-Representation

Have you been accused of a gun charge in Hartford or another city in Connecticut? If so, you may be facing significant jail time and hefty fines. Being convicted of a crime is simply not an option for you. If you are found guilty, you could lose your job, your family, and your future. Still, […]

Hamden Gamer Charged With Threats Via Xbox

A Hamden man is facing multiple charges after taking to his Xbox LIVE profile to posts threatening messages. The 23 year old man was free on bond at the time the comments were posted and directed at a former friend. The situation allegedly began last year in New Haven when the duo was pulled over. […]

Connecticut Trio Faces Gun Charges Possibly Related to Recent Gang Violence

Three young men are facing charges related to a MAC 10 firearm they were found to be in possession of this week. This after two of their associates were killed in the past month in gang related shootings. Twenty three year old Travon Clark, Gregory Hughes, and 27 year old Jeffrey Daniels were found in […]