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Connecticut Lawmakers Address Videotaping of Police

Connecticut Senators passed a measure last week that would clarify both to law enforcement and citizens, the right to videotape cops when acting in their official duties. In addition, lawmakers passed another bill that serves to strengthen racial profiling prevention methods already in place. According to the Hartford Courant, the bill makes it clear that […]

State Crime Lab Faces Heat from Feds for “Staggering” Backlog

The Connecticut state forensics crime lab is under serious scrutiny after two federal audits and subsequent feedback. In 2004 there was no backlog in the lab. Today, there are 3,900 cases waiting processing, some nearing their statute of limitations deadline. As a matter of fact, the state is so concerned about these deadlines that the […]

CT Lawmakers Consider Pre-Conviction DNA Collection

Connecticut may be on their way to becoming the next state to require DNA collection in all felony arrests. Under current laws, DNA isn’t collected until someone has been convicted. But supporters of the new legislation state earlier collection is needed to protect the public. According to the ACLU this change translates to a presumption […]

Coerced Confessions and False Eyewitness Testimonies in New Haven

Last April, two men walked out of court free, after serving seventeen years for a murder they said all along they didn’t commit. The judge ruled they hadn’t either, releasing them that very day. But, both men will be back in court this week as the state has appealed Superior Court Judge Stanley Fuger’s decision […]

CT Forensics Institute & Criminal Evidence

With so many crime dramas on the airwaves these days, many people are under the mistaken assumption that catching criminals is a simple, though high tech, process. Simply comb a carpet for hair fibers or check the mud for shoe tread and you’re golden! It isn’t always this simple, though, and a $14 million addition […]

Milford Police Lieutenant Suspended for Destroying Evidence

A Lieutenant for the Milford Police Department has been suspended and the city’s evidence handling procedures are being called into question after he erased several days worth of video from a server. The video was all taken from police dashboard cameras and was subject of a Freedom of Information request at the time. Attorney Bart […]