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Connecticut Cracks Down on Domestic Violence

Sweeping legislation and procedures are changing Connecticut domestic violence cases and could potentially lead to the disruption of would-be assaults and possibly even murders. These new laws range from batterer’s intervention programs to GPS monitoring and all have one thing in common—the protection of victims. The strictest of these new laws involves GPS monitoring for […]

Massachusetts Cop Faces Connecticut Harassment Investigation and Possible Charges

A domestic violence victim’s advocate has allegedly become a victim herself in a case involving her ex-boyfriend, a Holyoke Massachusetts cop. Paul Barkyoumb is now reported to be under investigation for harassment by the Connecticut State Police for threatening text messages he sent to Michelle Cruz. According to Fairfield Weekly, Cruz works as the state […]

High Profile Attorney Pleads Not Guilty in Ct. Domestic Assault Case

A high profile attorney in Connecticut that formerly worked under both Bush Administrations pled not guilty this week in a case that accused him of trying to kill his wife with a flashlight after learning she wanted a divorce. The not guilty plea sets the stage for plea negotiations that could begin in a pre-trial […]

Connecticut Domestic Violence Laws Have Changed But Has It Helped?

Over the past several decades, the attitude towards domestic violence cases has dramatically shifted. Once brushed under the rug and considered to be a private matter, mandatory arrests and community awareness has brought these types of situations into the light. As this article from the Hartford Courant shows, domestic violence cases have increased over the […]