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Will CT Lawmakers Make Things Easier for Ex-Cons?

When you serve your time, you pay your debt to society, and you are released from prison, shouldn’t you have a fair shot at rebuilding your life? Many would say yes—that getting a job and having housing is crucial in making ex-convicts responsible contributors in modern society. Others, however, see any hint at assistance for […]

Judge Gets Award From DUI Advocacy Group

A Connecticut judge was awarded a National President’s Award from MADD for her use of victims impact panels and educating other judges about drunk driving sentencing options. But is it a good thing for justice if a judge is receiving awards from victim’s rights lobbying groups? Does this indicate a clear bias against defendants in […]

68-Year CT Old Woman Sentenced in DUI Crash

In Bridgeport, 68-year old Barbara Preston was recently sentenced to serve 8 years of a 15 year sentence behind bars according to this article from the Connecticut Post. The harsh sentence was courtesy of Ms. Preston’s multiple offenses and the injuries sustained in the accident. Last year Preston rear ended 47-year old Lee Everett as […]

All Connecticut Criminal Convictions Online for Public Search!

All criminal and traffic convictions in Connecticut are now posted online for free and easy access. Criminal records have always been public records, but in the past it’s been something of a bureaucratic challenge for most people to dig them up. But know I am entering an era where this kind of information is quickly […]