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Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

As many as 10 percent of sexual assault allegations that are filed are false reports, a report by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) found. Refuting allegations of sexual assault can be challenging for many reasons. For one, because most encounters happen in private, the statements made by either party often cannot be corroborated […]

Bridgeport FBI Assault Numbers Misleading

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When the FBI issues their annual Uniform Crime Report, news agencies across the nation seek to glean headlines from the data. But, often the reporters and the people reading the report don’t completely understand what they are looking at. Such is the case with the preliminary report this year and sexual assaults within the Bridgeport […]

Bridgeport Police Embroiled in Brutality Cases

One brutality case is bad enough, but when you have several pending at the same time, it could be a sign of a big problem. The Bridgeport Police Department currently has officers named in three separate cases, each alleging brutality. According to the Hartford Courant, several officers are currently named in three pending cases; some […]

Connecticut Cracks Down on Domestic Violence

Sweeping legislation and procedures are changing Connecticut domestic violence cases and could potentially lead to the disruption of would-be assaults and possibly even murders. These new laws range from batterer’s intervention programs to GPS monitoring and all have one thing in common—the protection of victims. The strictest of these new laws involves GPS monitoring for […]

Significant Crime Reduction in New Haven

A press conference held by outgoing Police Chief James Lewis indicates he is leaving New Haven a safer place. According to this article from the New Haven Register crime in the city is at an all time low thanks to a cooperative effort from police and citizens. Not only did homicides drop from 23 in […]

Hartford Man Rejects What Could Have Been a Lenient Plea Agreement

A man who had previously pled guilty to charges of 1st degree assault, two counts of 1st degree robbery, and 1st degree aggravated sexual assault rejected a plea deal at the last minute, instead electing to head to trial in a move that is likely being questioned by all those around him. Twenty-one year old […]

High Profile Attorney Pleads Not Guilty in Ct. Domestic Assault Case

A high profile attorney in Connecticut that formerly worked under both Bush Administrations pled not guilty this week in a case that accused him of trying to kill his wife with a flashlight after learning she wanted a divorce. The not guilty plea sets the stage for plea negotiations that could begin in a pre-trial […]

Accelerated Rehabilitation Works for Ball Player’s CT Assault Charges

A judge recently dismissed two charges of 2nd degree assault against former Red Sox player Jose Offerman. The dismissal comes at the end of a successful 2 year probationary period and the use of a legal practice called “accelerated rehabilitation.” According to the Connecticut Post, Offerman was originally charged in 2007 with two counts of […]

Plea Deal Reached in Connecticut Drunk Driving, Hit & Run Case

Way back in January of this year, 17 year old Jessica Lee was hit while crossing the street at Boston and Central Avenues in Bridgeport. She was thrown onto the windshield of the vehicle and landed “several feet away” according to the Connecticut Post. Following the accident, 38 year old Darren McDermott of Milford turned […]