Accelerated Rehabilitation in CT

CT Aclclerated Rehabilitation

Accelerated rehabilitation is a program in Connecticut criminal courts that can avoid a conviction and a record for people charged with certain crimes, if eligible. If the court agrees that you are not a threat to commit future crimes, and you meet the terms and conditions, I can usually get accelerated rehabilitation in CT court.

If you need to avoid a criminal record that would show up on a background check, the CT accelerated rehabilitation program will do that. It is almost always a great deal for the defendant.

What charges are eligible for accelerated rehabilitation in CT?

Cases that are eligible for accelerated rehabilitation in CT are larceny, identity theft, credit card fraud, assault, reckless driving, criminal mischief, harassment, threatening, non-domestic, do not involve drugs or alcohol.

How do I get Accelerated Rehabilitation in Connecticut?

I have to apply for it. That is something I do as your attorney in working out a plea deal. There is a nominal fee to apply and an accelerated rehabilitation program fee in some cases.

How long is Accelerated Rehabilitation in CT?

If you are eligible for an accelerated rehabilitation program in CT, it may take up to two years to complete. However, most of the time it's a one year period.

What are my responsibilities while on Accelerated Rehabilitation in CT?

In general, most judges just require a defendant to have no new arrests while on accelerated rehabilitation in CT. Sometimes the judge may order community service or a written apology to a victim. There can also be restitution, community service, counseling, treatment programs, and checking in with probation, aka the Court Support Services Division (CSSD).

In the case of a reckless driving AR, the judge will generally order the defendant to have no new moving violations of any kind or the program can be terminated.

Does AR show up on a background check during the rehabilitation period?

Accelerated Rehabilitation in CT does not show up on a background check during the accelerated rehabilitation period. The file is sealed within 24 hours of the defendant applying for AR. The only place a pending case will show up is on the state judicial website, but if the person is using AR, the person doing the background check will see a pending case, but cannot find out what the charges are. If you have contact with law enforcement during the AR period, law enforcement will have access to the pending charges.

Does it disappear after the AR period?

Yes. After your accelerated rehabilitation period is over, the case is dismissed and the public record is sealed forever.

Here are the Connecticut General Statutes that describes the law allowing it under Section 54-56e.