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“I can’t believe I got arrested for DUI!”

No one ever expects to be pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. It is a shocking and unpleasant experience. But it’s happened, and now you have to deal with it.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Connecticut, you need to act quickly to preserve your driver’s license. According to Connecticut law, you have 7 days to request a hearing after you’ve received a notice of license suspension from the DMV.

Please contact me right away to discuss the options you have to preserve your driver’s license, and prepare to defend your Connecticut DUI charge in court. Take advantage of a free case evaluation from an experienced Connecticut DUI attorney. That’s me! Call (203) 418-8553 .

Can I Beat my Connecticut DUI?

Yes, there are many possible defenses in a DUI case. When I evaluate your specific case after discussing it with you, and carefully reading the police report from your arrest, I can suggest how I would fight the charges. A few possible options are:

  • I can challenge the legality of the stop. The police must have a good reason to pull you over.
  • I can challenge all the specific elements of the crime. If you weren’t pulled over directly, did the police actually see you driving?
  • I can challenge the validity of the breath test.
    • How long was it when the breath test was given after your stop? That can affect the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream.
    • Is the breathalyzer machine itself up to date on it’s maintenance?
    • Can the police provide maintenance records?
    • Can the police establish that the operator is fully trained and is currently certified to administer breath tests?
    • Did they follow the required procedures for operating the device and getting a valid breath sample to establish your BAC?
  • I can challenge the validity of the field sobriety tests.
    • Did they officer follow his exact training in administering the field tests? Did he score the tests according to the standards established by the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA)
    • Did he have you perform all tests on a well lit, dry, flat surface?
    • Did he have you perform a nine step walk and turn test on a actual line (not an imaginary line)
    • If you have shoes with heels or other inappropriate footwear, did he give you a chance to take them off?
    • Did he screen you as a valid candidate for these agility tests? Did he ask if you were over 65, overweight, or have back, neck, leg, knee, or foot problems, or other medical conditions that could affect your agility and balance?

You see, there are many areas to explore in fighting a DUI charge. Every case has some good things about it, and virtually any case can be beaten.

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What is a DUI Charge?

In Connecticut, a DUI is an abbreviation for the legal term is Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, also commonly known as a DWI, or a drunk drivingcharge).

There are two different ways to be charged and convicted of what is a commonly called a DUI.

  1. Under Connecticut’s Per Se Law, you can be convicted for simply having a BAC above .08, which is sufficient evidence of guilt, regardless of whether or not you were drunk or impaired.
  2. The other way to be found guilty of DUI/Drunk Driving in Connecticut is if they can find sufficient evidence to prove that you were impaired by alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle, aka drunk while driving. Evidence of impairment relies primarily on the police officer’s testimony as a witness stating that you appeared impaired by your actions in driving on the road, or immediately afterward during field sobriety tests or other observations.

Both of these methods have defenses for them.

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